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Need to Get Someone Out of Jail?

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Affordable Fast Bail Bonds in Greensboro

Setting Your Loved Ones Free, Fast and Affordably


In your loved one’s time of need, make sure you call someone you can trust.  Bail outs are never fun, which is even more reason to get handled in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

Affordable Fast Bail Bonds believes that everyone deserves a chance to prove their innocence.  We are a family business that knows what wrongful incarceration feels like.  So you can trust us with your freedom.

We know there is no worse feeling than knowing a loved one is suffering behind bars.  Get your friend out of jail as soon as possible.  Call now for a bail bondsman near you.


We offer bail bonds services at fair rates because it is the right way to do business. In an industry like ours, there is no need to increase the burden on family and friends.


We take pride in our ability to get our clients out of jail quickly. No one deserves to wait around in a cell all alone. Call us now to minimize the delay.


Our licensed bail agents know the ins and out of the system, smoothing the process for you. It’s vital that you select a bail bondsman you can trust.

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A Note to Bail Co-Signers

The longer you wait, the longer they stay in jail.  We know it’s not your fault. We also understand you may have other concerns.

But we also know exactly how tough it is on a person psychologically when they “get locked up”.  Fortunately for them, they have you.  You may feel disappointment, frustration, or a variety of other emotions.  That is understandable and perfectly justified.  But don’t let those feelings slow down the process.  It already takes long enough to get someone out of jail.

In the end, you just want to help them get out of the situation they have gotten themselves into.  We do too.  That’s why our licensed bail agents are standing by 24/7 to help you help them.

No matter whether it is a friend, brother, mother, daughter, son, niece, sister, or father, Affordable Fast Bail Bond lives up to its name, providing prompt service and fair pricing.

The legal system is stressful enough in itself.  There’s no reason for service industries built around it to add to that stress.  We are a no-hassle, family operation providing bailouts to trustworthy candidates for all types of offenses.

A man waiting on a bail bondsman to get them out of jail.

Greensboro, North Carolina